Our life at Northern Lights Resort

08.19.13 Milestone, Roy’s staining and Kid’s Quest!

Today’s post is the 100th post I’ve made in this crazy documentation of the journey that Roy and I have taken into the RV life. I hope we’ve provided helpful information to those at the RV Dreamer stage and maybe even a new view of things for old timer RVers!  We’ve had visitors from all over the world and have received many compliments and comments over this last year.  I haven’t come close to using up my photo storage space so I’ll keep adding pictures where I can.

One of the things Roy and I love about this RV is the 5.1 surround sound system in it.  We had a 7.1 surround sound system in our bricks and sticks house and this is just a smaller version of that for our smaller house!  When living in our sticks and brick house we could turn the volume up to really get the benefit of the sound in a movie o football game.  Unfortunately for our neighbors yesterday evening we boomed them out while watching The Dark Knight with its many very loud car racing and crash scenes.  A thunderstorm came along here and we raised the TV volume so we could hear the people talk.  We didn’t know the rain stopped just when one of the loudest scenes came on.  Our neighbor had to knock on our door and ask us to turn it down. She was very nice about it but today we found out our other two neighbors could hear it in their RVs as well.  Twas a learning experience for us for sure.   Roy’s always believed that louder is better and as my ears have gotten older and deafer I find I need it too but we’ll have to have to save the loud action movies for when we’re parked in a pasture and the only thing we’ll disturb is a cow!

Before we close down the resort for the winter the exterior walls on the lodge and all of the decking around each cabin and the lodge need to be re-stained.  Roy started today on the lodge and worked several hours on this.

roy on ladder

My kid’s quest group of about 12 children (two groups of six children) were out and about finding their scavenger hunt items while Roy was staining making him being up on the ladder a tad bit risky.  I tried to stand near him to keep the children away from the ladder and took some pictures of their adventures.  It’s very hard for them to just walk from place to place which you can see in the pictures because they all try fast walking or skipping since I tell them they can’t run.  Next Monday will be our last Scavenger Hunt for the season and I have to say I really loved playing with the children each week and getting to know them.  However that does mean it’s one step closer to us leaving Minnesota and getting to see some more of this beautiful country that God has given us!


Our son Chip had his little girl this weekend and one of the things they enjoyed together was a movie and another was going to church together Sunday morning.  Here’s two pictures of them enjoying heir time together.  When Chip has Madisyn we get to Skype with her and seeing her growing up through the computer is really great!
1 130818_0001

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

3 thoughts on “08.19.13 Milestone, Roy’s staining and Kid’s Quest!”

  1. Hi Rosalyn! 100 posts already! Looks like retirement (or semi-retirement) agrees with you both. Love reading your posts! btw I survived another layoff at Southeastern!


    1. I’m so happy you’ve been reading my blog. We’re having a wonderful time. I heard Jan was cut. Did she get reassigned or laid off? I’m very happy you made it through!


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