Our life at Northern Lights Resort

08.10.13 Ladies in Pink, the Saints come marching in to Minnesota, Skyping with Madisyn and a dug flower garden!

GIRLS IN PINK! Beth, Hazel and Rosalyn at our Saturday evening Meet and Greet

Three of us came to the Saturday evening Meet and Greet wearing our pink Northern Lights Resort t-shirts so I asked one of the guys to take our picture and here we are. Worn out and frazzled but we’ve got that smile on our faces!


The Saints played Friday evening and surprise, surprise we can’t get Saints games here in Minnesota. I was sitting outside Friday evening wrapped up in a blanket because it was so cold and our son Chip Skyped us on the computer. If you’re not familiar with Skype it is a free way to talk to and see someone on your computer or smart phone using a web camera. Our laptop has a web cam built in and Chip purchased one for his desktop computer. Chip mentioned that the Saints were on his TV and a very wonderful idea came to him. He unplugged his TV from where it was and moved it across the room to where the computer is and faced the TV towards the computer so I could see the TV screen. He found the Saints game and I got to sit outside and enjoy the game on his TV in Hammond thanks to Skype. It was a lot of fun seeing our guys in Black and Gold but as the temperature dropped outside I had to come inside. One of the highlights of the game was our entertainment during commercials provided by Chip’s girlfriend Kimberly’s little boy Braxton. He’s four months old and popped up on the screen giving us some precious entertainment!! You can see Braxton in one of the pictures below.

IMG_20130809_195639 IMG_20130809_195629


Roy taped the game off a satellite feed that came through around noon today so we’re watching it tonight and are quite proud to say The Saints Won!!! I know it’s only preseason but Sean Payton is back and it was wonderful to see the Saints in the Superdome with their Slap Ya Mama red zone or something like that image which was very New Orleans and we loved it!

We were able to Skype with Madisyn twice this weekend since she was staying with her daddy Chip in Hammond.  We enjoyed the face to face visits with her and even took her around the resort by way of the computer and let her meet people and watch kids get launched off the big Rave tower.  She loved that part.  Since it doesn’t look like she’ll get to come here to visit with us we wanted her to see where Grannie and Paw Paw now live.  Found out that she cut her hair recently which is exactly what her daddy Chip did when he was about her age.  He got a buzz cut and she got her hair shortened to fix it!madisyn black and white madisyn in pigtails

The guys are outside working on the septic pump right outside our RV.  It has a problem and along with not smelling so great outside right now unfortunately all of my plants and tomato plants were planted on top.  It’s a new pump so we figured we were safe but now that all the plants have filled out and the tomato bushes are huge and producing tomatoes we had to start digging.  We’ve been able to leave the tomato plants there since they were off to the side of the pump but are not sure they will be able to stay there.

dug up garden
The garden after all the plants were dug up and the dirt and rocks were removed to get to the septic pump.
dug up plants
The plants that were dug up and are now waiting for a new home.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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