Our life at Northern Lights Resort

08.06.13 Ice fishing 2 bedroom houses, Glenn and Hazel, Happy Birthday Donna!

I met a lady today at the resort who lives in northern Minnesota.  She told me about what all they do up here during the winter and the snow is so deep and the lakes have three feet or more of ice on them.  I’ve seen in movies pictures of these little tiny shacks that are on top of the ice and the fisherman are huddled around a hole in the ice fishing. She said that she and her husband have a fishing house that has two full bedrooms with queen size beds in them, television (with a satellite dish) and a living room and kitchen that they keep in a lot by the lake and when the ice gets at least a foot deep they move it out on the lake and go there at least 4 days a week to fish and stay out there.  They have holes already cut into the floor and they just cut the hole in the ice directly below that.  She’s in an area with several other houses and one of the owners has a plane that he flies on the lake and lands the plane.  I had to share this because it goes so contrary to the ice fishing shack I saw in movies.

Our new co-workcampers are very nice and are settling in well.  Their names are Glenn and Hazel and they have been workcamping the last six summers and spending the winters at their home in Oklahoma.  In April they started RVing full time and I think they are around our age.  She was telling me today about  their workcamping jobs in Alaska that sounded pretty nice.  They have a Montana Fifth Wheeler that is parked next to us and they have a Chihuahua named Coco.  Their arrival allowed our work schedule to go back to working four shorter days and being off three days. While it was nice to be off four days the two 14 hour days were very tiring.  Also on Saturdays I don’t work 4-8 in the evening, just 4-7 and while that may not sound like much, I don’t have to do the clean up and it allowed me to be sound asleep at 9 pm and ready to head off to early Worship Service on Sundays without feeling like I was still in a coma from the hard work Saturdays.  It also helped us get finished the cabins faster on Saturday morning.  They hired two high school guys to come in and make all 65 beds before we clean each cabin and that saved us some time and a lot of stretching and working.  I really appreciate the extra help on Saturdays so the day isn’t quite as grueling as it was!  Hazel and I both work Monday and Tuesday and have some time that overlaps between our shifts and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and hearing about their travels and experiences.  They were going to the Methodist church we go to and are also Baptists.  How nice it is to have someone to talk to about God and the Bible!

This is Hazel
This is Glenn

Roy is out on the lake fishing on the hydro-bike right now.  Hope he brings home some fish for supper!

My amazingly wonderful ex-boss and dear friend Donna Methvien is celebrating her birthday today and I want to say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA! to her.  Birthdays in our office always meant the girls getting together to enjoy a special dessert or cookie cake in her office but this year they are celebrating without me 😦  I hope her day is as special as she is!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

1 thought on “08.06.13 Ice fishing 2 bedroom houses, Glenn and Hazel, Happy Birthday Donna!”

  1. Really enjoyed our visit. Your friends look like very nice people. I love my church friends because I love sharing God with everyone.


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