Our life at Northern Lights Resort

07.24.13 Roy ~~ the fish cleaner and BBQ chef!

Roy has turned into a fish cleaning fool!  Let me tell you!!  I on the other hand am proud that I’ve picked up a couple of live fish and moved them.  Hey at least I was willing to touch them.  Both Beth and Debbie know how to clean fish and I’ve heard quite a few compliments on Beth’s fish cleaning skills.  I caught Debbie one day in the very act of cleaning a fish and here she is!

On Monday one of the children of a resort guestIMG_20130723_143227IMG_20130723_143137  caught a very large Northern Pike.  He and a bunch of the children followed him into the fish cleaning room and Roy had to shove his way through the crowd to get to the fish cleaning station.  They all watched every step of the cleaning and the little boy was so proud of his catch.  Here’s some pictures of the kids watching Roy clean the big Northern.  The little boy on the right in most of the pictures with the red life vest and blonde hair caught the fish.  These kids are great about wearing their life vests when they are playing and fishing on the docks or riding any of the water toys.  I was surprised by that but I guess when they’ve grown up fishing it just comes second nature to them.

Roy’s become the unofficial official BBQ chef at our Saturday evening meet and greets for the new guests.  They eat BRATS a lot up here which is not pronounced brat like a bratty child but like a  bra with a t on the end.  Anyway it is a large sausage thing like a blown  up hot dog.  They serve it on a bun sometimes topped with sauerkraut.  When Roy cooks those he also cooks regular hot dogs for those who may not want a brat.  This past Saturday he had them all neatly lined up on the grill with the Brats up on the North side of the grill and the Hot Dogs on the Southern side of the grill. There are a couple of pictures below of him grilling.  Back in Louisiana we cooked sauerkraut with small link sausages in them with cornbread and this seems to be a different version of that with the sauerkraut being piled on top of the brat instead of the sausage being cooked in the sauerkraut.

Roy’s up on Dora’s roof changing out our satellite for a better one and  I helped in Vacation Bible School this morning at the little church we’ve been attending. I plan to write about those two adventures in the next two blogs.  Ya’ll have a great evening and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


2 thoughts on “07.24.13 Roy ~~ the fish cleaner and BBQ chef!”

  1. Hello Rosalyn and Roy,

    I just found your blog yesterday and really enjoyed it!
    My husband and I sent our resumes to Northern Lights Resort. We are hoping to be hired for May-October 2014, what a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your workamping experience.


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