Our life at Northern Lights Resort

07.15.13 Thanksgiving in July!

thanksgifing jay and trent
Jay and Trent with their Indian face paint keeping with the Thanksgiving theme

The Northern Lights Resort owners, Pat and Tom, decided to throw a Thanksgiving in July dinner for this week’s guests and Monday was the event!  All the guests were notified through email before their arrival about it and asked to bring a side dish.  Most all of them know each other already from living close to each other and coming here every year the same week for 10+ years. One of the teenager girls told me she is 16 and has been coming here since she was 1. There were two new couples but they made friends with the others and fit right in immediately.  thanksgiving dinner thanksgiving in july 2

Our guys fried 6 turkeys and the ping pong table served as the serving table with an extra table for desserts.  The dinner started at 5 pm and between 4:30 and 5:00 the Lodge started smelling so good with Tom carving the turkeys and the guests bringing their hot dishes in.  I fixed a spinach/artichoke casserole which is something I always make for our family Thanksgiving dinners.  We also had mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casseroles, corn casseroles, dressing (with herbs from our garden), sweet potatoes, potato casserole, deviled eggs, salads one of which had fresh blueberries, cashews, diced apples, cheese and spinach leaves, and a wide variety of desserts including real pumpkin (no canned stuff), lemon squares, german chocolate cake, upside down pumpkin cake and watermelon.

Tom, the resort owner, carving the turkeys
Pat, the resort owner
Roy carrying in another turkey for Tom to carve


We have a good bit of turkey meat left over and when we all recover tomorrow we will divide it up.  Roy and I love turkey salad so I know what ours will become.

I left work this morning for an hour to attend a Vacation Bible School planning meeting at the church we’ve been attending.  I’m going to be helping with crafts next week at VBS and learned a lot at the meeting.  The church is very small but they plan to have around 20 children at VBS and it should be a wonderful time being with the children while they learn about God’s love!  I’ll write more about that next week.

Roy ordered a new satellite dish and we’re hoping it’ll be here soon so he can install it on his days off.  We’ll see how that goes!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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