Our life at Northern Lights Resort

07.08.13 Super riding toys!

I thought this was very much like Roy and I who both started out these skinny young folks and well, as we’ve grown old together now we’re not!

Some of our previous guests brought really cool water toys for pulling behind the boats or just general water play.  This week’s guests brought some and I took pictures to share.  Our friends who have camps probably see these things on the rivers and lakes all the time but for us water deprived folks it’s unusual.  We can hear from the shoreline the screams of joy and happiness that the kids make as they are being pulled behind their parents or grandparents boat.  Two of the pictures are water toys that belong to the resort.  One is a big flat circle anchored to the water bottom that the kids make sand castles on or just sand mounds!  The other is a big horse that they can ride on.  There is a horse like the one is in the picture anchored further out in the water for the older “kids” to enjoy.a back of riding toy 2 a riding toy 1a  a non anchored riding horse a anchored floating thing

When we got to work the RAVE was sagging badly so Roy got all the things together to pump it up, jumped in the paddle boat and out he went.  Look what a good job he did!

a roy blowing up rave a after rave is blown up

Our robin’s nest is now empty since all our grandbaby  robins have learned to fly and went away.  Roy removed it from where the mama made it and placed it on a big rock behind Dora.

empty robins nest smallWe have done absolutely nothing interesting the last few days other than watch several chick flick love movies on the Hallmark Channel all Sunday afternoon.  I have the best husband who will watch these with me and not complain!

Our son Chip celebrated his 32nd birthday Saturday.  His new girlfriend Kimberly gave him a surprise birthday party and he was surprised to find we’d gotten him a doberge cake thanks to Kimberly and I doing a little sneakery behind the scenes!  With a 34 year old so and a 32 year old son I’m thinking that makes Roy and I officially old!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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