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07.04.13 International Falls Minnesota Independence Day Parade!

iday parade familyi day parade street lampside of building  side of building 1 i day parade store front flowers For Independence Day Roy and I went into the nearest town (population approx. 6,900) International Falls for their parade.  I tried to not expect anything like our parades especially the New Orleans variety and was pleasantly surprised at how delightful it was.  I believe all  the emergency vehicles from all surrounding towns were in the parade flashing lights,  three John Deere antique tractors, a couple of bagpipe groups, about 20 antique cars, a dozen horses and a few decorated novelty trailers (two of which had football goals on them I think were left over from a homecoming parade). There were no beads thrown and it’s a law that they can’t throw candy from the vehicles so there were about a dozen police, firemen, paramedics, etc. walking down the side of the streets with buckets that they threw candy from one at a time.  The towns people really came out for this Independence Day parade lining Main Street and all the little children were dressed in some form of red, white and blue.   Today we got to see some of the best that small town America has to offer.  Clear skies and a high in the upper 70s made it a perfect day to celebrate America’s independence.  We didn’t hang around for the fireworks since here it doesn’t get dark enough for them until after 10 pm and the parade was at 1 pm, so we’re back home getting ready to barbecue ribs and vegetables on skewers then enjoy some pineapple sherbet for dessert.

i day parade us candad flags
Yes there is an American flag and a Canadian flag on this float – go figure!

i day parade boat  i day parade float 2  i day parade float 3 i day parade baloons bagpipers

3 thoughts on “07.04.13 International Falls Minnesota Independence Day Parade!”

  1. Looks like a very fun, very sweet Independence Day celebration – puts me in mind of the Squash festival parade in the movie Doc Hollywood! I’ve posted some of our family’s 4th celebration pics – enjoy!


  2. Loved the pictures of your day at the parade. They are so fun in a small town…one year we were in Lake City, Colorado, where one of my sisters’ lived and we LOVED the parade and day’s activities. Glad you had a fun day!!


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