Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.30.13 Our Saturday evening surprise!

After a long hard Saturday work day which ended at 8 pm we were settling down in our RV and heard a little knock, knock, knock at the door.  It was Tom, the resort’s owner, with a present for us.  He previously told us he was going to try to get this for us, but we didn’t know if it would actually happen.  When I came walking into the living room and Roy showed me “a picture of Drew Brees signed by Drew Brees” I wanted to scream, but settled for  being very excited and hugging Tom thanking him.   There is one for Roy and one for me and Drew addressed one to each of us.

drew brees autographed picture

Now about the man who got them for Tom. Jeff is one of our neighbor’s down the road here.  His family use to be guests each year at the resort, decided he loved the area and purchased a summer home within a few hundred feet of our RV Dora.  He works for a credit card company and they do promotional autograph signings with famous people.   Tom told him we were from Louisiana and were big Saints fans and asked him to get us an autographed picture from Drew.  Being so far away from Louisiana, and missing what I know is all the excitement of the upcoming Saints season, this was such a wonderfully emotional present.  Roy met Jeff recently and I got to meet him and thank him this morning at church.  His two daughters and wife sang Amazing Grace.  One of the daughters accompanied on the guitar and one daughter on saxophone.   Beautiful voices and music lifting up praises to God!

Well, a Drew Brees autographed photo seemed to me to deserve it’s own blog so here it is!

Ya’ll come back now. ya’ hear

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