Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.27.13 Begin each day with a grateful heart

We’re on the last of our days off before “Senior Citizens Hell Week rolled into one day” come around again!  10 more of them to go and I’m going to hang on to that light at the end of the tunnel like a mad woman!  Still loving our life shore at night shore at night2 here and we will hate to leave this beautiful part of the country – just not the Saturdays!  I am so thankful to be able to do what we are doing.  It took a big leap of faith and a lot of work to make it all happen but being able to see the glory of God’s creation unfolding in various forms around the United States is such a blessing.  I look forward to seeing many more of this as we continue our travels.

Yesterday evening Roy and I walked down to the shore by the beach and swung in the big wooden swing for a while.  I took some pictures of the lake at night to share.  First time we’ve done that and it will have to become a regular thing. It was so nice.

roy feeding duck One of the ducks from the lake came to visit on the deck by the dock a few days ago and Roy fed it out of his hand.  It was so friendly and stayed around us for a while.

We went into International Fall yesterday to buy groceries and a new coffee pot. We mailed a package of little presents to Madisyn from the post office there.  It’s a quaint small town post office.  We visited the Dollar Tree hoping they would have a  solar-powered pink hula girl for Madisyn.  We have green ones in Dora and in Boots which she named LuLu and LaLa.  We’ve tried to find a pink one since we left since that is her favorite color.  Again they were sold out but we found out that their shipments come in on Fridays so guess who will be traveling to International Falls next Friday!

christmas tree border bobs
Their pine trees that look like flocked Christmas trees are the most beautiful sight! This is outside Border Bob’s
christmas tree up close
Close up of the needles on the Pine tree

Discovered a really cool place called Border Bob’s that is chocked full of all sorts of gift items from this area, including moccasins, homemade candies and preserves, t-shirts, stuffed animals and lots of other gift items.  We’re too close to the end of the month to buy too much but there will be another trip to Border Bob’s made when we get paid again!

street sign canada
So close but we haven’t gone there – yet!

One of the pictures is a street sign that points in the direction of Canada.  We still haven’t been to the border crossing o land but hope to do that maybe week after next.  Our next days off include 4th of July and International Falls (locals call it The Falls) has a 4th of July celebration that we plan to attend.  We’re going to the Lady Slipper Festival this Sunday and hope to have lots to tell after enjoying the local festival.

We picked up our custard rhubarb pie from Pine Ridge Gift Shop on our way home from the Falls.  I’ve never eaten rhubarb before but this pie was delicious.  I looked up rhubarb on google and it’s a redish plant that look like a stalk of celery.  So weird that someone figured out to make it into a delicious pie!   It was all gone in one day.  Next time we’ll try the blueberry!

Our guests are beginning their departures for the week.  We’ve made friends this week with many of the families.  I loved to see, as the week progressed, the children all become friends with each other and the parents stress from their regular lives leave and everyone settle into a relaxing peaceful vacation time.  It’s a little sad to see each weeks group depart, but we always love seeing the new group arrive on Saturday all eager and ready to enjoy everything this beautiful place has to offer!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of houses in the Falls, a big building the tiny Sears, and a picture of the Minnesota version of an LSU football jersey – they just don’t know how to spell very well!

vikings jerseys
LSU jersey’s spelled wrong!

international falls house international falls house 1

Ya’ll have a great weekend and come back now, ya’ hear!

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