Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.18.13 The Chauvins visit Duluth, MN – part 1

Monday morning Roy and I took off for Duluth, MN to do some sightseeing and see an orthopedic specialist there about Roy’s knee hurting.  Roy got a cortisone shot in his knee and we’re hoping it will help the pain while he’s in Minnesota.  He’ll need to have knee replacement surgery sometime in the future but we’ll try to schedule it during some downtime.

While there we rode the Northshore Scenic Railroad around Duluth, toured the Great Lakes Aquarium and sailed on the Vista Fleet touring cruise.  I plan to write about all three places over the next three or so days and share some of the pictures we took.  It’s a beautiful city and the weather was beautiful for everything we did. We went to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart while we were there to stock up on some goodies.

While we were in Sam’s Club Monday afternoon Roy got a phone call from Russ who we wrote about them leaving the resort in our previous blog.  His wife Annie was admitted to a hospital in Moosehead Lake early Monday morning doubled over in pain.  Turns out it is gallstones and she was taken to a bigger hospital in Duluth for a procedure and surgery.  She had ben hurting while at the resort but didn’t know what it was from, now she does.

When we finished our cruise today we went over to St. Mary’s hospital to see her.  I can’t say enough about the nice, helpful people at St. Mary’s who helped us track Annie down.  The hospital has four huge buildings and we went through all four looking for her!  When we found her we followed the orderly pushing her bed to her room three buildings away!  We stopped at the hospital gift shop and picked up a Get Well Soon balloon for her which she was happy to get and very happy to see us.  I can’t imagine being in a strange city, strange hospital, strange doctor and having no other family there to pick up the slack when hubby Russ couldn’t be there.  They have little Maddie the puppy and he has to take care of her too moving the RV around wherever Annie goes so they all need our prayers.  Her gallbladder removal surgery is tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon so please be in prayer for her at that time.

We just got home, brought all the purchases in and I’m going to bed to crash now after a busy two days.  I just briefly wanted to let ya’ll know what we’ve been up to and ask for prayers for Annie.  Oh, and Annie said that Dr. King at the first hospital is now following our blog, so I’d like to say a big  thank you to Dr. King for taking such good care of Annie while she was at your hospital!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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