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06.14.13 RAVE, Glorious work day, Adult Quest!

936406_584210671603518_727263307_nFirst day back at work was a glorious day!  After thinking I should just get under Dora and hide for a while with my back hurting I’ve recovered and am now ready to conquer the world again.   Maybe not the world but at least my duties here at Northern Lights Resort.  I watered plants and picked hundreds of tiny dead flowers of the hanging baskets.  You really couldn’t see most of the dead ones but once they were gone it made the plants look like brand new and I really enjoyed doing that.  Little things really do make me happy!  The little orange guy here made me laugh when I first saw it but I couldn’t imagine when I’d ever include it on the blog. Now seems the appropriate time so here he is! On a more serious note this scripture meant a lot to me this week after last Saturday. Jeremiah 31:25 “I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish”

Then to top off an already good day I got to call all the guests who are coming in this Saturday and remind them of a few things they need to bring, the check in time, etc.  I was a little nervous as first but once I got to calling them and hearing how excited they are to come I didn’t want to hang up with each of them.  Several of the guests I called will be here for the first time and I let them know they would have a wonderful time here.  I have a couple more to call Thursday and am looking forward to this evening when I’ll be at work to do that.  Now that I know who the incoming guests are it adds a different spin to their arrival for me.  I guess my mama’s training in Southern hospitality is coming in handy up North!  These Northerners (not the guests of course) do like to remind me that they won the war so if anyone of you true blue Southerners have a good come back for that please share!

They are putting out the RAVE this week which is this giant inflated climbing wall, trampoline,  propeller of humans that floats in the water.  Several of the pictures in this blog are of the RAVE before it was put out in the water and I’ll have some more next time of them assembling it in the water.  All the kids coming next week will have such a great time on that.  I’m thinking I may try it out myself  🙂  I’ll report on that when (and if) I do attempt it. The water temperature is in the 60s, so it’ll have to get a bit warmer for me to jump, or fly, or fall in there.

Wednesday evening I strolled over to Annie and Russ’ to join them around their campfire.  Then Pat, Tom, Debbie, Rick, Pat’s Niece Tracy, her husband Bill and their friends Jill and Mike joined us and Roy finished off the group when he finished work at 9.  Keep in mind it is still bright daylight at 9 here so at that time the campfire was just for warmth and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.  Russ and Annie do Kid’s Quest on Mondays and help the kids finish a walking stick that they can take home with them.  That evening Russ let Tracy and Jill pick a stick and they whittled away at it around the campfire so we named this event Adult Quest.  You never know when a group event is going to crop up around one of our campfires and I just love it!

The Adult Quest Gathering
10 pm moon
The moon at 10 pm when the sun had finally set
sunset on lake
The lake at 10 pm

We’ve been without the internet the last two days and boy did I miss it.  We’ve been hard at work so haven’t had much down time to enjoy it anyway. I’m on my way now to the linen room to fill all 12 tubs with the appropriate linens for tomorrow’s Crunch Day when we clean all the cabins and change the linens.  I have to find a better word for Saturdays that describes it more appropriately than Crunch Day.  Crunch isn’t a bad enough word and doesn’t sound like there’s much sweat and soreness and pain and exhaustion involved in it!!   I’m toying with Senior Citizens Hell Week Rolled Into One Day!  We’ll see!  Ya’ll enjoy your Saturday off and be thinking of us toiling away tomorrow  before we start our three days off.  One shining spot tomorrow will be when I get to meet all the guests I called this week at our Meet and Greet BBQ.

See if anyone can guess what this last picture is.  Let me know what you think!

unidentified lights

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

2 thoughts on “06.14.13 RAVE, Glorious work day, Adult Quest!”

  1. The North may have won the war, but when was the last time you heard of someone retiring to the North. Oh wait…. That would be you and Roy!!! Don’t use that one! I’ll work on it and come up with something better next time! LOL


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