Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.11.13 Three days off coming to an end!

Hard at work roasting my marshmallow – with two jackets on and it was June 10th

Our three days off started out with me in bed for an extended period of time. No fishing, no church, no nothing but bed rest. I don’t seem to remember that I’m 58 and overweight when I try to keep up with everyone. It’s been years since I needed bed rest for my back but I needed it now and I’m thankful to have the three days off work to get some relief for my sore back. Our manager told me I won’t be lifting the heavy totes (storage bins) on Fridays which I think is what started my back going crazy. The work here is a lot harder on Friday and Saturday than I thought but they did warn us, we just underestimated what “hard work” meant! The beauty of this place and being able to discover things about this area certainly helps ease the hard work days!

Annie tending to all the gardens in the front

I think whatever the reason I was having problems with WordPress recently have resolved themselves so I now have paragraphs that are separated and captions that show up with the pictures.  Two of the pictures below are of a marshmallow stick Roy purchased. It extends to really long so you don’t have to be so close to the fire. I think he used that to roast a potato with one night. It’s very sturdy and can hold much more weight than just the marshmallow. I enjoyed three of the big ones last night one at a time sitting around the campfire. Roy grilled some “Nathans” hot dogs (a local brand that is better than any other hot dog I’ve eaten.)  Since we’re becoming campfire aficionados we need to have the right tools so he also purchased a thing that we can cook a hamburger in over the fire!

All the flower beds around here are growing in really full. Lots of bulbs are coming out beautifully and some are plants I have no idea what they are. We have an herb garden near the lodge where the guests can pick a bit of whatever they’d like to cook with. One picture is of a new Loon planter that Pat (the owner) brought with her for the garden next to the lodge front door. She has incredible taste and finds the neatest, most unique things perfect for this place. Annie is shown in one of the pictures working hard at planting some annuals to brighten up the beds.

All in all we’re content and happy and if I can figure out how to avoid having my back act up again we’ll be in good shape!  Roy’s knee has begun hurting him and we made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor in Duluth, MN for next Monday to hopefully get him a cortisone shot or some relief.  Young people beware, this is what old age looks like!

Roy and I have decided that this will be the last workcamping job we both  do since the house is rented and we no longer financially have to.  We’ve put in 40+ years of working each and would like to not do it for a while or forever!  If something not involving physical work pops up for me to do for just a couple months and it would cover our RV site I may consider that.  We’re thinking about where to go when we leave here on October 1st and that planning will take a while to take shape so…..  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

duck in garden by front door
Loon planter in the garden by the lodge front door
Tomato and flower garden by our RV finished off with rocks
Another view of the big garden
herb garden again
The herb garden – that’s chives at the top
marshamallow stick
the marshmallow stick not extended
The resort entrance with flowers filling in

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