Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.08.13 Siberian Tiger screen, beaver and beautiful scenery!

Siberian Tiger sunscreen view from the inside of our RV
Siberian Tiger sunscreen view from outside
The huge beaver Roy say this week
Look at that tail!

Most of the pictures below are of the scenery we were blessed with on our recent pontoon boat adventure.  The first pictures are of our new Siberian Tiger sunscreen that is attached to the inside of the front window of our RV.  The original one we received was the wrong one so now we have the one we’ll keep!  The next pictures are of a beaver that visited the resort this week and Roy had the good luck to take pictures of it. I still haven’t figured out the WordPress problem so I’m not writing much and most of the pictures will not have captions!  Some of the scenery pictures are of Canada but I don’t know which are!

The last two days of work have been very hard on my old body. Muscles and joints I didn’t now I have are hurting terribly.  I’m hanging on to the hope that as time goes along we’ll get more use to it and not hurt so much! Roy is having similar hurting and aching issues so please keep us in your prayers that our bodies will be better able to handle the Friday and Saturday work days.  Thanks!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

eagle on nest
Bald Eagle on its nest. If you look closely you can see the huge nest at the top of the tallest dead tree and the eagle on top. It was a beautiful sight!

IMG_20130606_163236  the IMG_20130606_152943 IMG_20130606_152830 IMG_20130606_132244

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