Our life at Northern Lights Resort

06.03.13 Red, Red Robin….

robineggs3Recently a robin started forming a nest outside the rear of our RV  by the radiator.  It was amazing to see how perfectly formed this nest is.  I guess I don’t think of birds as being capable of such perfect construction.  When she was finished the next day there was one tiny blue egg, and then another and so on until now there are four eggs.  We try to be very careful not to disturb her visits to them and considering the location they are in there’s not much chance of us bothering the nest.  I took a picture of the nest when it was empty and yesterday when there were just three eggs in it.  All of the eggs are blue and look like the Easter malted milk eggs.  God’s handiwork is so amazing to watch and I’m thankful for this opportunity to get to see them up close.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

1 thought on “06.03.13 Red, Red Robin….”

  1. That is so beautiful! We had a regular brown bird make a nest in a tool bin and welding helmet. The babies have hatched and are “practicing” flying all over our shop. Freddy wont let me “bother ” them at all…even at the cost of NOT being able to get tools I need… 😉 but its so neat to be able to witness the circle. Found the marshmallows! Haven’t bought yet… but will! Thanks.


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