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06.03.13 Drippy RV repair and new phone numbers

425183_552147171523660_573510330_nToday’s blog is about RV repair.  It is wonderful living in this small compact house where everything is convenient, extremely easy to clean and we can take it with us wherever we want to.  However it is a unique house, one that goes down the road and has special needs when you’re trying to fix something. Nothing is normal in an RV, I can’t say that enough. Living in one isn’t normal, driving one isn’t normal and fixing one isn’t normal!

We’ve noticed for a while that  the leather on the ceiling, in front of the cabinets over my sofa, was starting to wrinkle a bit and Roy decided our time off this week was when he’d work on it.  I went off to work at the Meet and Greet BBQ while he worked on it, and when I saw him later he said “we’ve opened a can of worms.”   Oh no!  I went home and he showed me the dampness between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling about 4 long. What he found was that at the inside  corner of the slide there was some metal tape with a corner of it torn away and disintegrating.  It seems a small leak formed there and over time that little drip caused wet wood about 4 feet down from the originating hole.

Roy brought that slide in and it stayed in for a couple of days which gave us 1/2 an RV to live in.  Sure makes me appreciate the spacious slides!

100_1305 100_1304Roy pulled the area all apart further to see the extent of the damage and put a small fan up there for a couple of days to dry it out really well.  He put silicone in the opening that the original metal tape was intended to secure and then put new tape on top of that.  Nothing’s getting in now!  We went to the local Lowe’s equivalent called Menard’s and got spray glue and several other supplies to nail and stick the wood that dried to the leather below and the ceiling above.  He spent all morning today putting it together and attaching the decorative face back on it all.

Roy checked the other end of the slide and it’s not a problem at all!  I feel very secure now that the cabinets and all will not be falling on top of me while I’m resting on the sofa!  I also have to say it is a true blessing to have a husband who can fix almost anything that breaks.  He’s saved us much money over the years fixing, rebuilding or creating things and I’m very thankful for him!  This evening we have the slide back out and are enjoying some rest after having ribs and green beans for dinner!

That’s it for the repair update.  We do have exciting news to report.  We both have new telephone numbers.  Finally we are able to communicate with our family and the rest of the outside world.  We now have two ATT Go phones (prepaid) phones.  We will keep them even after we leave here, just not pay for the service unless we get to an area where our Verizon phones have no service again.  We’ve suspended our Verizon service for the time we’re here in Minnesota and can reactivate it when we leave.  Roy’s number is 218-235-7357 and my number is 320-496-7061.  We have unlimited minutes and text messaging of if you need to reach us please feel free to call!  We’d love to hear how you all are doing and any updates in your lives so please call or email us at Rosalyn@selu.edu.  Pictures, news, funny stories, whatever!

Roy was at work when he caught this!

Here’s a picture of Roy with the first Walleye he caught.  Unfortunately it was 23″ long which is in “the slot”.  The slot is any Walleye between 17″ and 28″ and you’re not allowed to keep those.   I was so excited when he brought it to show it to me and then he told me he couldn’t keep it.  Oh so sad to have to put that thing back in the water.  But he did it, at least I got the picture.

Have a great day and Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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