Our life at Northern Lights Resort

05.15.13 The Lodge at Northern Lights Resort

Welcome to The Lodge at Northern Lights Resort!
I didn’t even know these were moose antlers, they are huge – I feel fairly sad for the poor moose who has to have those on his head!
A sign inside the lodge.
The wall of books and movies for the guests to enjoy. The TV is in the front of a boat (you’ll see the rear in a later picture). The view from there is just beautiful but the picture just shows glare!
Mr. Moose with his antlers!
Even the bathroom in the lodge is cool!
This picture does not do the store counter justice. it is beautiful.
This is the rear end of the boat. There are goggles, kites and other things for sale in it.
Some of the really nice Northern Lights Resort sweatshirts and hoodies for sale
More collectibles on the store rafters!
A partial view of the lodge from the store doorway
Right out the back door of the lodge is a huge deck that leads in all directions to the docks. Beautiful place to sit and eat, right next to the water

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