On the road to Minnesota, Starting our journey

05.09.13 We’ve arrived in Kabetogama, MN!!!!!

We have arrived at Northern Lights Resort in Kabetogama, Minnesota where we will work until October 1st.  We’ve met the folks we’ll be working with and the owners of the Resort and had a little time to look around some.  The lake is starting to thaw and I was told that when it was frozen solid the ice was about 30+ inches thick.  There are some snow banks remaining in a few places and along the road as we entered. There is even snow built up next to the sandy beach.  What a contrast! And there are deer hoof marks in the sand from where the deer have walked! Everyone has been very gracious and very nice since we drove in.   I’ve taken several pictures but want to check with the owners before I post any of them to be sure it’s okay with them for me to do that.  I so wish this place was closer to Louisiana, so you guys could see it for yourself.

Our Verizon phone service only works when standing on a rock next to a telephone pole a good ways away from our RV.  Roy said it’s about 250 to 300 feet from our RV.  Needless to say we won’t be talking too much on the phone!  And when we do we’ll get some good exercise! Our family can reach us in an emergency through the resort office but everyone else should send us an email at Rosalyn@selu.edu or roy@rchauvin.com to communicate or text us on our cell phones.

We just ate our dinner of raw broccoli and dip, triscuits, cheese and summer sausage.   We sat on the floor, served it on the coffee table

Welcome to Minnesota!
Welcome to Minnesota!
Rosalyn enjoying the rushing Big Fork River!
Rosalyn enjoying the rushing Big Fork River!
Roy playing funny!
Roy playing funny!
My he man hubby!
My he man hubby!
This is such a rough life!

and gobbled it up!  A great way to end this beautiful day.  It is 8:54 here now and the sun is just going down.  Tomorrow night we’re all getting together for a chili dinner.  Can’t wait to get together with our co-workers and get to know them better.

These are some pictures we took not far from the resort on our way here today.  This beautiful river was just waiting to be photographed!  The snow is actually still piled up next to the roads in Northern Minnesota.  I got to play with some this evening at the resort.  I’m glad we made it here before it all melted to at least get to see it!  I’ll write more tomorrow and post pictures if I can.  We don’t have to start working until Monday so we’ll have some time to explore and learn about this area some.  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

2 thoughts on “05.09.13 We’ve arrived in Kabetogama, MN!!!!!”

  1. Good luck to you in your travels. Sounds like a dream come true!
    Looking forward to following your blog. I have another friend & her husband doing this. They are having a blast!


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