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05.08.13 My hometown – Madison, South Dakota

Bruce Springsteen sang the song “My hometown” and that kept running through my mind as we drove through the little town that is now “our hometown”.  If you’re driving up I-29 in South Dakota take exit 109 and hang a left, go down about 20 miles and you’ll enter the wonderful little town of Madison.  They don’t know how to spell their town name right, but they’ve been spelling it that way for so long we’ll just let it slide!  We discovered that Dakota State University is in Madison, which means we’ve moved from one college town to another college town!  We took a couple of pictures there also.  Hope you enjoy this little scenic tour of “our new hometown!”

Lake County Courthouse in Madison
Madison Public Library
A big old building on the Dakota State University campus
One of the entrances to Dakota State University in Madison
The offices of My Dakota Address where our mail will be forwarded from

madison4 madison6  madison9 madison10  madison12

Welcome to Madison sign – we caught it on the way out of town so it’s last!

3 thoughts on “05.08.13 My hometown – Madison, South Dakota”

  1. Ya’lls new hometown is adorable! I bet it has awesone seafood restaurants. Okay… that was a low blow! But seriously it looks wonderful. Maybe yall can visit your new hometown sometime later on… 😉


    1. Yeah those seafood restaurants were pretty bad but they sure do have the best computer repairman around! Okay… that was a low blow too!!! That was Roy’s response, ha ha! I’m hoping we can go bacdk when all the grass and trees aren’t so dead looking. It was very quaint though!


  2. I loved the pictures. Looks like your ‘hometown’ is quite quaint and probably a great place to be from!!


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