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05.06.13 Kansas back to Missouri, then Iowa and finally South Dakota! May 5th – 6th

Arrived in Linn Valley, Kansas at 4 pm on Sunday May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) and stayed overnight at Linn Valley Lakes.  This is another Coast to Coast Resort so our stay only cost us $9 for the night to cover their  additional electrical charge.  While it was a far cry from the professionally maintained resort we left in Branson it is nice, quiet and a safe place to stay for the night.  Plus there are no street lights to be seen and the night sky was full of stars!  We slept really good that night in the solid darkness.

south dakota signMonday, May 6th we left Kansas and headed to our new home state of South Dakota.  If you weren’t reading our blog when I wrote about choosing a domicile state I’ll briefly tell you why we’re becoming South Dakota residents.  Since we are traveling from state to state we have the opportunity to choose a state for our residency that has the best benefits for us.  After a lot of research we chose South Dakota.  Louisiana has the first or second ranked (highest) auto insurance rates in the country.  This is a big reason to take advantage of choosing another state to be our home state.  South Dakota has much lower auto insurance rates (for both Boots the truck and Dora the RV).  The most recent information I could find ranked them 47th (third from the lowest).  They also don’t charge you taxes on your vehicle to register in their state if you’ve already paid at least that much in your original state, which we have.  They have very good mail forwarding services and we’re signing up with My Dakota Address in Madison, SD.  There are other ones but since this one is in Madison and our little granddaughters name is the same but spelled Madisyn we chose that one!  This gives us a street mailing address so we can get our driver licenses, vehicle registrations and insurance.  We’ll also register to vote there and they defer the jury duty requirement if you’re called for service when on the road, until a time that you’re back in South Dakota.  South Dakota does not have a huge residential population but their population that includes folks like us is pretty high We originally wanted to be Tennessee residents but the reason we chose to not be Tennessee residents is that they did not have a well known (or basically any) mail forwarding service which would give us a street address to obtain the other things with.  South Dakota does require that you spend one night there so tonight’s stay will take care of that.  We’ll stay Tuesday night as well because of the length of time it will take us to take care of all that’s involved in becoming state residents.

Rosalyn in front of some sort of teepee at the Rest Area right inside of the South Dakota line

We drove for 7 hours today over a period of 10 hours.  Yes Roy took his mid-day nap and we just took our time today stopping many times since it was a lot of ground to cover.   We’ve traveled over 1,100 miles so far.  The scenery in Kansas was wonderful but Iowa really surprised me by how not pretty it was at least from the Interstate.  The trees looked like something that belonged in The Raven with black birds circling around.  Something I’m finding interesting is that all the trees are just now getting their first blooms of spring like our oak trees were doing over a month ago in Louisiana.  When we left LA our oak trees were in full bloom yet here they are just little buds!

We just pulled into Tower Campground in Sioux Falls, SD and were greeted by Judy.  She and her husband own the campground and were very welcoming and know all about the process for RVers to become South Dakota residents.   We’ll go first thing in the morning to Madison to get our new address and then back here to get a receipt from her with our new address on it.  That’s a requirement to get our drivers license, registrations, etc.  This is a Passport America campground so we paid more than our Coast to Coast campgrounds but it’s half of their regular rate which for a 50 amp site is $40 a night so for two nights we paid $40.

I’m cooking parmesan crusted Tilapia and baked potatoes for dinner and it’s smelling so good after a long day on the road.  Ya’ll have a great evening, I’m off to eat!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

2 thoughts on “05.06.13 Kansas back to Missouri, then Iowa and finally South Dakota! May 5th – 6th”

  1. Well I see y’all figured out which Dakota it was! Okay so now it looks like yall are committed….. lol still strange knowing yall are traveling all that way, but sounds awesome! Keep on keeping on!


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