On the road to Minnesota

05.02.13 Travel Day to Branson, MO

Today (Thursday) was a travel day going to Branson, Missouri.  We’ve never been to Branson but I believe everyone we know has visited there and said it’s a must see place on our way to Minnesota.

We pulled out of Holiday Mountain Resorts around 10:45 and headed straight for Mellon’s Country Store. They are open today and we were dying to see the inside. We got to meet “Mama”, Pappy’s wife! Very quaint country  store with antiques, guitars, cool snacks and a small theatre connected to it.  Pappy built the theatre last year and it can hold 49 people in the audience.  As he promised us yesterday, there was someone pickin (don’t know if it is pickin or picking) on their guitar and another one setting up.   We listened for a while and he offered to let Roy take a picture of me holding his guitar on stage.  I really liked that.  Since the theatre where they were playing is  attached to the store through a big open door you can hear the music being played as you shop.

We’re on our way to Branson now with about 1-1/2 hours of travel remaining. We just stopped for Roy’s nap and for me to blog for a bit!  Driving in the mountains has been a new experience for Dora’s Explorers.  She is handling the steep ups and downs and the sharp never-ending curves quite well.  I got pretty good at securing things for traveling on a flat terrain but am learning the securing needs to be more extensive when you’re moving around as much as we have been in the mountains.  Arkansas was a beautiful state to travel through.  The people were extremely friendly and loved to tell about their area.  There is way more to see and do than we had time for on this trip but I can see us coming back in the future to spend more time and explore.

mellon store barrelsrosalynandsingerpappy mellons road show

We just pulled into Treasure Lake Resort in Branson!  It’s way bigger than the other two we’ve stayed at, but we’re in a semi secluded area of the park.  It took a while for Roy to get Dora situated so the satellite could pick up a signal.  I think this is becoming the least favorite part of traveling when we have to spend excessive amounts of time getting TV reception.  Perhaps one day we’ll be able to shed these creature comforts and be satisfied even when we don’t get reception.  Don’t see that happening any time soon though!  We’ll head out tomorrow to explore Branson and decide what we want to do or see.   I’ll post another blog on our Branson adventures when we get ready to leave here.

Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

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