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04.16.13 Countdown to departure – 10 days!

its a southern thingNow that we’ve set our departure date of April 30th everything needs to be finalized.  The lists are made and added to daily! This past year I’ve had four eye surgeries and now have wonderfully non-cataract, non-floater eyes and no longer wear contacts thanks to Dr. Greiner and Dr. Allison.  I’ve had brain tests galore and am back to having a somewhat normal brain for a blonde thanks to Dr. Shamsnia and Dr. Andrews.   I’ve seen a couple of doctors at Ochsner in Metairie for other things and they are done with me.  They have all released me to live my life and flourish.  Now, all that’s left is to have our primary care physician Dr. Valdes do one last blood work and physical for both Roy and I and we’re good to leave Louisiana doctor wise.

We’ve already checked with Blue Cross to be sure our healthcare coverage is good all throughout the United States, just like here.  We’ve always used a local pharmacy, Scott’s Pharmacy  since moving to Hammond.  We see them once a month and in between as prescriptions change.  They are like family and moving to a national pharmacy is not one we want to do.  But we must.  I worked with Scott’s to transfer everything to Walgreen’s.  I’ll get them filled once more before leaving town to make sure everything got transferred correctly!  I would have preferred Wal-Mart (just because of experience with our Walgreen’s here taking forever to get prescriptions filled) but decided against that.  The Walgreen’s is about an hour away in Minnesota and Wal-Mart was 3+ hours away.  There is one close by in Canada but not knowing what would be involved in getting prescriptions filled there  I chose to not go that route.  Walgreen’s has our prescriptions now and will mail them to us every three months which will work out perfectly for our  new traveling life style. Gonna miss our good old Scott’s Pharmacy but onward we go!

After a doctor’s appointment in Covington I stopped by Sam’s to pick up on a “few” things and left $500 lighter!  Our new home in Minnesota is in a remote location so I decided to buy at least three months of essential things to prevent those trips to “the front” as Roy puts it in his New Orleans slang.  “The front” will be many miles away instead of one or two like here!  Sam’s is just my favorite store to buy these mass quantities of food and supplies and the closest is about 2-1/2 hours from our new home.  Anyway, if the resort runs out of coffee, sugar, coffee mate, mayonnaise, etc, etc. we can stock them up!

Roy and I are both exhausted trying to get so much accomplished now that we have a departure date set.  While we’ve been working on this for months there are somethings you cannot do until you know you are leaving.  Our list is long and everything on the list is either emotional and/or time consuming.  This week Roy has cleaned the RV roof, pressure washed the back porch and sidewalks at our house, cleaned by hand and pressure washed and painted  brendatrellisthe stain on the huge deck (with benches and trellis) at our rental house, painted some things in our sticks and bricks house, fixed the RV a/c in the dashboard, listed and prepared for shipping at least a dozen things on EBay.

My list isn’t as physically demanding but I’ve worked full time every day and also taken care of: consolidated everything in Dora’s storage areas to make room for the new outdoor TV and BBQ pit, pressure washed the garage exterior, created cute business type cards to give to family/friends and new friends we make on the road, went to Sam’s to stock up, stored everything purchased at Sams (quite a task in an RV) cancelled the trash pick up, transferred all our prescriptions, scheduled a grass cutter for our sticks and bricks house, scheduled final doctors appointment and blood work,  boxed all the left over computer stuff for The Fuller Center to come pick up, changed our Dish billing to Pay As You Go so we can cancel it the months we don’t need it when we have free cable at campsites.  All this in about four days time. No wonder we fall into the bed at night and sleep soundly all night!  There are still a few major things to do and I sure hope the pace slows down a bit.  At least we have a nice leisurely trip north to look forward to!

At work I’m trying to wrap up everything I do so there is nothing left pending. I’ve documented step by step all of my responsibilities and duties.  Even with that friendshipoakdone, these last few days (trying to make sure all the details are done and teaching my procedures to others) have been grueling.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled to teach our Computer Help Desk staff how to answer questions and help the campus community with their telephone needs so they can try to field some of the questions.   Once I turned in my resignation I found out that because of all the budget cuts, layoffs and future layoffs they will probably not be able to fill my position.  Now one person won’t be doing my work, it may be distributed.  After receiving the campus email today telling us that next year’s budget cuts could be (in my words) “catastrophic”, far worse than any of the previous deep cuts, I feel that  maybe we’re leaving now on our own terms is a good thing.   Southeastern has been a wonderful place to work, however it’s been greatly affected by seriously deep budget cuts since 2009 and for me it’s time to move on.

Our precious granddaughter Madisyn spent yesterday evening, last night and this morning with us.  We went to the movies to see the 3D The Groods.  It was cute and we chipmadisynscooterdid what we call “Junkering Up” on the Sno-Caps, popcorn and ice drinks.  Then we went to visit her daddy Chip for a while. She spent the night and so did her babies who needed to sleep with us.  She helped me with the pressure washing this morning and now that she’s gone I’m crashing for a bit to finish this!  Then onto the gardens to get them weeded one last time.  We have a lot of flower beds so I’d better get started!

Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

1 thought on “04.16.13 Countdown to departure – 10 days!”

  1. Makes me tired to read all you two are having to do. However, it really shows just how efficient you are. I am SO thrilled that you all are going to live your dream. I predict that you will LOVE it. I know there will be many changes and new things in your life but that will keep you young! I know leaving the NO area is bittersweet, but praise the Lord He has made it possible. Just know that you are in my prayers and if you come through Jackson, you better stop and let me take you to lunch. Love and God’s blessings to you both, Pat


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