RV travels before full timing

04.14.13 TLC Wolf River Resort, Pass Christian, MS

doraleavingtlcOur first weekend experience at an RV campground was a smashing success!  TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian is a nice quiet private campground.  We learned a lot about private versus public campgrounds during the presentation we sat through. You have to be a member of a campground or network of campground to stay at the private one.  Neither of us went into the tlcpool2presentation even considering buying, but that’s what we did.  Lots of benefits to a Coast to Coast membership but the most important to us is having 200 campgrounds countrywide that we can stay at for $0 per night and 200 more for only $10 per night.  Our trip to Minnesota hasn’t been planned yet but it will include all Coast to Coast campgrounds where possible.

It was a new experience for us to set out our big mat and set up our rockers to sit outside under the awning.  We’ve seen so many pictures of people doing this and have sat out in our driveway under the awning but never the real experience!  The people around us were very friendly and we met a real nice couple from Abita Springs, Leroy and Judy.  They had a Fleetwood Excursion like ours but a year newer.  We enjoyed visiting with them outside their RV.  Roy saw the headboard Leroy made for their bed and told me about it.  I’ve been wanting a headboard for our RV bed and theirs sounds perfect so add one more thing to Roy’s long to do list!   When he makes it I’ll post pictures for others that might want to do the same.

We received complimentary buffet tickets to the Hard Rock Casino’s Buffet on the Biloxi Gulf Coast.  It was like a magnificent feast!  We ate Alaskan King Crabs, boiled and ourspotattlcfried shrimp, shrimp salad, fried fish, ribs, turnip greens, and the most scrumptious desserts.  Of course you have to walk through the casino to get to the buffet.  People were smoking all over the place and the droan of sounds coming from all the slot machines were kind of mesmerizing.  We decided to try a couple of penny slot machines and found out they are not just 1 cent, but 50 cents each turn.  $5 was gone within a minute or two.  The next $5 resulted in us winning $20.50 so we left ahead.  I can see how it would be very easy for people to get sucked in and lose a lot.   Between the mega decibels of noise and the smoke in the air I was very ready to get out of there quickly after we pigged out at the buffet.

The rain poured down and the wind was very strong this morning and for a long time we thought we’d be stranded there.  Oh what a shame that would be to be stranded on the Mississippi Gulf Coast near the beach.  Around noon the sun came shining through and we started getting ready to head out.  I took these pictures after the storm and you’ll see some of the standing water in the pictures.  We didn’t take pictures of the back part of the campground near the river but there were beautiful, nicely spaced spots for all size motor homes, 5th wheels and campers.

I’ve been looking into the Minnesota Twins MLB team and hope we can see them play while we’re up there.  I don’t mind supporting them but cannot imagine being anything other than a New Orleans Saint’s fan, no matter what the hometown football team is in Minnesota.

We have our address in Minnesota and it will be: 10176 Bay Club Drive, Kabetogama, MN 56669.  Still not sure how exactly to pronounce Kabetogama but I’m sure we’ll get good at it before long.  It’s near International Falls, MN.  If anyone knows of a good church near there, please let us know.

I’ve made a list of everything I can think of that I need to take care of within the next two weeks and have prioritized it by day.  I’ve completed my two things for today so I’m off to a good start.  I organized the storage areas to make room for the BBQ pit and TV we will buy before we leave for our outside entertainment.  I also created business cards to take with us and give to people we meet.  Roy has a list of sorts and will complete things in his own manner. He doesn’t like the same kind of list I need but we will both get our assigned work done by our departure date.  He had to turn down the opportunity to take care of Madisyn tomorrow which just killed him.   The things on his schedule for tomorrow are just must do things and things he can’t do with a four year old around.  Hopefully we’ll get to spend plenty of time with her before we leave.  Getting Skype set up on our computers is on Roy’s to do list and will help us stay in touch with family back home.

Our real estate agent said the couple that came on Saturday really liked our house and it made their finalist list.  Hopefully we’ll hear something soon!  I have 10 more work days until I retire!  Of course we’ll still be working but it won’t be the same and I can’t wait!  I will miss my coworkers deeply and hope we can stay connected.  Since we all work for the Office of Technology at Southeastern we ought to be able to manage that!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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