Preparing to RV fulltime

02.28.13 Roy is Retired!!!!!

Over 40 years ago a young boy named Roy started his first job delivering newspapers from his bike in Metairie, Louisiana.  After holding various jobs in his youth and early manhood he worked for 30 years as a self-employed carpet installer.  Today he retired from being a full-time computer technician at Southeastern Louisiana University.  One more step towards freedom!

His department, Client Services (fancy name for the Computer Help Desk) had a really nice going away party for him today.  Roy and I have the same boss, Donna Methvien, who is one of the most creative people I know.  Her creative talents really shined today! During their weekly meeting (which they postponed from Monday so they could properly tell him good-bye!)  she presented him with two “Care Packages” containing things he’ll need in his new life and something to remember them by.  Our daughter in law Liz, and granddaughter Madisyn were there, and you can see Madisyn peeking into Paw Paw’s care package below!


There was even a mini baking pan for our mini house!  2013-02-28_17-31-02_300I’ve included pictures below of a couple of the things he got and of the care package. They all had cute little sayings attached to them, pertaining to whatever the object was as it relates to Roy’s retired life.  You can read what they say in the pictures.


He received a second smaller care package with a message on top of an egg carton “Since you’re going to “fly the coop”, here is a reminder of the main things you’re leaving behind!”  Inside were a dozen fresh yard eggs that the 12 staff members wrote their names on.

eggs insideeggcartonRarely do I see Roy choked up, but as he told them all good-bye he was.  He’s enjoyed working with this group of people so much. He’s especially enjoyed sharing with them all the little tricks and things he’s learned about repairing computers, making images, etc.  Both Donna Methvien and his immediate supervisor Tommy Mocsary have become good friends with Roy and admire and respect the quality of his work and his knowledge a lot. Roy worked independently for so many decades, set his own hours, worked a lot outside and mostly by himself.   I was concerned when he started to work a 7:30 – 5:00 job inside with other people that he might not like the structure and confinement, but to my surprise he’s adapted well and made many new friends in the process.  I could tell by the staff’s comments today that he is well liked and appreciated.

I’m going to miss having my hubby working across the hall, eating our lunch together watching “Green Acres” reruns in the conference room with our boss Donna and others who might join us, or eating outside in the Student Union park watching all the students.  Before long I’ll be saying good-bye to these same people and that will be very sad for me.  However, Dora and the big USA are waiting for Roy and I to visit, so off we’ll go!  Celebratory rib eye steak and mashed potatoes tonight, RV style!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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