RV travels before full timing

December 2012 – Disney trip with Madisyn

After hearing our Trinity Baptist Church Adult Choir present their Christmas Cantata “All is Well”, we came back home and prepared to set out for Disneyworld. It never feels like Christmas until we hear the choir sing their Christmas cantata.

It’s always such a wonderful reminder that Christmas is not about all the commercial things it’s made into by society. It’s first and foremost about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He left his heavenly home and came down to earth as a tiny infant with the sole intention of sacrificially giving his own life to save us from our sins.

That is so much bigger and more wonderful than any green and red decoration or present we find under the tree. Our choir is made up of regular everyday people who sing because they love the Lord and the message they always bring to us blesses my heart so much.

Madisyn and her Christmas buddies.
Madisyn and her Christmas buddies.

This has been an absolutely magical trip. Seeing Disney through the eyes of a 3-year-old made this the best trip ever. We picked Madisyn up Sunday evening and got to Ft. Wilderness at Disneyworld Monday evening.

Dora made the trip just fine and Roy was a master RV driver navigating our way through Ft. Wilderness Campground in the dark. Madisyn lined up all of her stuffed Christmas buddies in the RV window and posed for a photo with them our first morning there.

She’s been a joy to have with us and I’m so thankful we got to share this experience with her. She’s been dressed in her Cinderella dress most of the time we’ve been here. Everyone has been so taken with her little cinderella self and she’s made friends with all the little children she met.

We’re headed home in the morning but wanted to post a brief blog about our trip and our wonderful granddaughter. It’s only 7:30 and I think we’re all headed for bed! Goodnight!

Madisyn on Paw Paws shoulders watching the show at the Enchanted Castle!
Madisyn on Paw Paw’s shoulders watching the show at the Enchanted Castle!

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