Preparing to RV fulltime

December, 2012 – still clearing out the house, working on Boots and living in the RV

We thought going into this that finding places for our things we wanted to take would be horribly difficult. We’ve found that finding places for our stuff has been an evolving event. When we first started moving in we went through each room in the sticks house and took what we thought we’d need, including our clothes. Surprisingly, at least 75% of what we brought to the RV was kept out there. Each weekend when I have time to think and plan, I spend some time reevaluating what we’re keeping based on the past week’s experiences and where it’s being kept. As of today Dec 10th we have been in the RV one month and have about 20% of the storage space below the RV filled so I’m feeling really confident that we’re on target to have room to bring everything we really want to with us. It still amazes me how much not really needed “stuff” we’ve accumulated in 40 years of marriage.

As I went through the house I tried to look at each thing and decide which of three categories that thing would go into. The categories were “trash”, “garage sale” and “keep in the RV”. This process started in August and now in December we are not finished yet. I spent at least 50% of my free time in August and September on this filtering process. October, November and December have found every weekend dedicated to the filtering. In between the filtering was pricing for garage sales, showing furniture and furnishings to people interested in buying them and cleaning each room and researching every aspect of RVing we could. We just do not rest any longer, but we’re loving it!

Each person that has come into our lives in this selling spree has brought something special to this experience. There is something about someone coming into your home to buy your things, especially the ones that mean a lot to you, that really attaches you to the person.

Got a much needed 11 hours of sleep one weekend! Enjoyed the quiet morning in the RV once again rearranging things in the cabinets. I’ll get it right before long I hope! I made my way to the stick house to hopefully finish up emptying the first floor. Roy’s entire day was spent working on installing Roadmaster Invisibrakes on our toad. I pulled out the remaining Christmas decorations and our small tree from under the stairs. We purchased a smaller 4’ tree last year to go on top of one of the end tables. The tables are all sold so the tree is standing on the floor! The few decorations we kept were used to decorate the tree. It looks odd in the empty living room but our granddaughter will be here with her daddy for Christmas and she just wouldn’t understand Grannie and Paw Paw not having a tree. Used the last of our Christmas wrapping to wrap the kids presents. There’s been a lot of using up last things recently.

A lady came to see the dining room table and chairs. She and her husband are looking at our set and another set. We’re in a competition! She liked it and I enjoyed visiting with her. People are always intrigued when we tell them we’re selling everything and bought the RV to travel. Her husband may come by later to see the set also.

Cleared off remaining items from the shelves over the washer/dryer and brought two boxes of garage sale things out to the garage. The washer/dryer are being picked up next week so I put them through a good workout today for possibly the last time. Sold them a while back and kept them as long as we could, but they are needed in their new home so we must let them go!

A co-worker and her daughter and granddaughter came over to see the girls bedroom set. I’m hoping the set goes to a good home and would love for little Chloe to have it waiting for her when she gets big enough to use it.

Cooked a nice dinner in the RV. The two burner cooker is coming in very handy and I’m loving the ease and quickness with which the convection oven cooks. Roy’s finally starting to feel comfortable that he’ll not starve in the RV. Thought we were going to enjoy the evening resting when I got a call from the husband of the lady who saw the dining room set and he wanted to come see it. All of our furniture would be sold if he buys the dining room set and my friend buys the girls bedroom set. I’d love being able to be at that point. I want to be totally prepared to make a fast exit when someone buys the house! Time to crash and call it a night!

After church that weekend I went to Lowe’s to buy pansies for the gardens. Everything is starting to look very wintery, not dead but not blooming. I bought seven trays of pansies and spent three hours planting them in the flower gardens. They did the trick, made everything look a little more alive. I just know this will make a difference in selling the house! Didn’t hear from the couple about our dining table. Maybe tomorrow. Watched our beloved Saints lose another game today. They’re still our guys but I sure wish they’d play like we know they can. Back to work tomorrow, last week of work before the Christmas two weeks off work.

My coworker says she does want to buy the girls bedroom set so we’re left with just two dining room pieces! Someone came to see the buffet server today, he’s buying it for a friend for Christmas.

We are heading out to Disneyworld with our granddaughter Madisyn on Sunday the 17th. This will be our true first adventure on the road. A 12 hour driving trip is a good test. I have such confidence in Roy’s RV driving ability already. He’s done very well each time we’ve gone out, all except for dipping into our ditch when returning home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time out was just a tiny, tiny dip so he’s improving on that.

We’ll blog about our Disney adventure and try to post some pictures. I hope to add pictures to past posts in my blog as I get time and more knowledge about this blogging process. I wanted to get my thoughts down first and then move on to the pretty stuff!


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