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Our very first RV adventure blogging post!

August 2012 – Hello world! Welcome to my first blog about Roy, Rosalyn, Dora, and Boots’ adventures exploring the United States. We won’t start exploring for a while, other than an occasional trip to locations around Louisiana and a Christmas trip to Disneyworld! At least, not until our sticks and bricks house is sold! Please someone buy it!

This lovely 2 story Acadian style home on one acre is for sale!!!

If you’re wondering who Dora and Boots are, no they’re not our new grandchildren! They are TV characters our granddaughter Madisyn loves and consequently we’ve seen many episodes of Dora. In her show, Dora is an explorer and we learn all sorts of things through her exploring. Since our RV adventures will take us exploring throughout the United States, we thought it fitting to name our RV “Dora”. The truck we are towing behind the RV is now named Boots, Dora’s trusty sidekick who follows her everywhere! Our Dodge Dakota truck that we will tow is called our “toad”, in RV lingo. That means Boots is our toad!

I am married to my best friend, Roy Chauvin! Roy and I are a regular every day Southern Baptist Christian couple living in Hammond, Louisiana. I am a young 58 years old, born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. Roy is a slightly older 63-year old who just turned the Social Security retirement age in January 2013 and was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. We met in 1971 and were married in 1972. Our first son was born in the late 1970s followed by his brother Chip in 1981. They are both grown men now with wives and children of their own. All that’s a story for another day but we wanted you to know a little about the folks going on this journey. We moved to Hammond, Louisiana 25+ years ago and have lived here since. It’s a small college town between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We both currently work at Southeastern Louisiana University. Roy is the Computer Fix It Guru (of course not his official title) and I am the Telephone Billing/Work Order Coordinator which is my official title. We are die-hard New Orleans Saints fans. We’ve loved them since they became a team in our teen age years and have supported them faithfully ever since.

Our adventure began back in August of 2012. I started keeping notes as we began the journey, making the decision to undertake this total lifestyle change. Instead of a daily blog, at first, it will be a monthly blog for the months August, September, October, November, and December 2012. From here on out I’ll post as I have the opportunity to or when enough experiences have occurred to be interesting.

We hope anyone considering the full-time RV lifestyle will learn a little from our experiences as we have learned so much from others’ experiences. Ask us questions if you want, if we’ve experienced it we’ll let you know what happened with us! If you’re experienced full-timing RVers and you see we’re making mistakes please, please shout out to us and share your sage advice with us newbies! We’ve been so happy since we made this decision that we are hoping some of our family and friends will get the itch and come join Roy, Rosalyn, Dora, and Boots on our great adventure!

The blogs below are in newest blog first order. If you’d like to read about our experiences in order start at the last one in the list from August and read up to the current date. Please click the FOLLOW link on the right if you’d like to receive an email whenever a new blog is posted!

11 thoughts on “Our very first RV adventure blogging post!”

  1. I found one of your rocks today in small town in Georgia😁. Thanks for bringing joy to our hearts. My daughter absolutely loves it.


    1. Hi Mayra! Thank you so much for letting me know that it brought joy to ya’ll since we haven’t been on Georgia this year that means someone else found it where we hid it somewhere out west and brought it to Georgia to hide it. I love it when the rocks travel! Merry CHRISTmas!


  2. Great blog. Blogging is a great way to meet people and make friends. We live and rv in Mexico, mostly boondocking. I’m an rv fanatic! I will add you to my list and check back regularly. Have fun and happy travels.


  3. Rosalyn, informative blog, I look forward to reading of the “Chauvin’s” adventures. Keep safe and enjoy this blessed time.


  4. Great to meet you guy’s this past weekend….best to you and all your adventure. Thinking off you guys Leroy and Judy


  5. I enjoyed your post. I also love the snow falling in your header – what a cool touch! You are right – you are a very young 58! I admire that about you! Your Disney trip looked very exciting – a great first adventure for Maddie and Dora!


    1. We wish you the best and always remember no matter where you are “Once a lion, always a lion”. Keep in touch.
      Go Green! Go Gold! Go Lions!


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